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Beauty Review Tuesday - NSpa Skincare

I'm a bit of a beauty junkie - I love trying new things be it skincare, make up, hair care, you name it, I want it! However at the moment we're saving for a new house and my husband is out of work (Great timing for him to be made redundant! Isn't life a hoot?!), which means my budget for shiny new things is seriously depleted. I was running low on skincare a while ago but I'd heard good things about NSpa so I decided to give it a whirl.
NSpa Skincare Range

The NSpa website says their products are created by the experts who work at the Nirvana Spa, which they say is the UK's number 1 day spa. The products are available either directly from the NSpa site or from Asda. To be honest I've repurchased a number of these products and find Asda cheaper and more convenient. They are priced at around £5 per item but often Asda has them on 2 for £8 or 3 for £10. They also sell a Beauty Rituals Beauty Box, which I can't currently find the price of but contains smaller sizes of the * marked products below plus a muslin cloth - handy if you'd like to try them but don't want to commit to the full size products.

So far I've tried the Melting Cleansing Gel*, Deep Cleansing Face Wash, Hot Cloth Polish*, Skin Renewal Gel, Illuminating Beauty Serum*, Night Repair Cream, Youthful Eye Cream, Oil-Free Moisture Gel, Brightening Day Cream with SPF 15* and Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist.

I have to say I think I've been thoroughly impressed with everything - especially at these reasonable prices. My usual skincare choices are not particularly easy on the bank balance (Elemis I'm looking at you!) and as such I have high expectations from products. These on the whole did not disappoint.

Melting Cleansing Gel

This is a pink translucent gel in a squeezy tube. You don't need much - about 20p sized blob, then massage it thoroughly into dry skin. Then add a little water and keep massaging - it will magically convert to a milky texture, taking any dirt and make up with it. I usually remove with a warm damp muslin.

This cleanser has become my go-to for mornings. It leaves my skin clean but not tight or dry - I have a fairly oily t-zone so I don't want a cleanser that will strip the oil as this will send my skin into oil production overdrive (mmmm, that's attractive, right?!). I find I can rub it right across my eyes to remove any traces of eye make up too, and its not caused any stinging or sensitivity.

I like it a lot! My current tube is running low and I've already got a spare waiting.

Deep Cleansing Face Wash

This is a pump dispensed foam. Unlike many foaming cleansers I didn't find this drying and it actually felt lightly moisturising when I applied it to my skin. It did a fine job of cleaning my face, although I've only used it in the mornings generally, I've not tested out removing a full face of make up with it. I'm not confident about applying this sort of cleanser to my eyes either so if I did use it at night, I would need a separate eye make up remover (too much of a faff for lazy old me).

This one is fine but nothing special - it didn't feel particularly 'deep cleansing' but it was ok. I probably wouldn't bother repurchasing this.

Hot Cloth Polish

Another one in a pump - this is a thick white cream cleanser. Having been a Liz Earle devotee for a number of years, I think this is probably the closest I've found in texture to LE's famous Cleanse & Polish and trust me I've tried virtually all the 'dupes'.

I really like this one and use it as the second part of my evening double-cleanse, after an oil cleanser. Again I'm quite happy to gently rub it over my eye area and haven't had any issues with this. It leaves my face soft and clean and ready for whatever night-time moisturiser or treatment I'm using.

Skin Renewal Gel

Essentially this is an exfoliator gel, its a chemical or enzyme exfoliator rather than a physical exfoliator so it's smooth in texture rather than gritty. I don't often use physical exfoliators as I find they aggravate the redness I get around my nose and cheeks, and can often leave my face feeling hot (and not in a good way).

I only bought this the other day when I went to repurchase some of the products I'm running low on and I needed something else for my offer so thought I'd grab this. I've used it twice so far and I'm pleased with it - not blown away but it does the job. I will probably stick with my beloved Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel for special occasions but this will certainly make an appearance on a regular basis in my skincare regime.

Illuminating Beauty Serum

I think this is one of NSpa's most talked about products, when I first heard about their skincare this was the first product I came across reviews of. It's a pearly white gel and goes on nicely. I only use it under my daytime moisturiser but it gives a nice glow to skin - I'm not sure how much of this is superficial (from the pearly sheen in the gel) and how much is what its actually doing to my skin but its nice and I've not found something I prefer as yet.

Night Repair Cream

This one, to me, seems similar in consistency, looks and even smell to Soap & Glory Wish Upon a Jar. I know the S&G is designed as a treatment and says to use for a maximum of three weeks at a time so there must be some ingredients that differ between the two but I just found the similarity intriguing.

I found it left my skin nicely plumped and thoroughly moisturised. The only issue I had with it is that I've been using the Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil and sometimes the moisturiser seems to 'ball' when I put the oil over the top. I found the Body Shop's own Vitamin E night moisturiser worked better with it. On its own though, this moisturiser is lovely.

Youthful Eye Cream

Now I just turned 28 a fortnight ago and while that makes me feel older than old, I know that in the grand scheme of things, I'm still a bit of a young'un - fortunately this means wrinkles are not a huge concern for me (although I've got two enormous tractor track style wrinkles across my forehead. Horrendous) and generally when it comes to eye cream I'm just looking for something to nicely moisture my eyes and keep the wrinklies at bay.

I've found this eye cream perfect for what I want - I can have a tendency towards greasy eyelids (I know, overshare but get used to it), but this does not exacerbate that at all. I have repurchased this one already.

Oil-Free Moisture Gel

Contained in a pump bottle so its nice and hygienic, this is a pink gel that is nice and light to apply to skin. I find it quite cooling too. Its moisturising enough for the flaky patches I can get on my chin and outer cheeks but doesn't over-moisturise my greasy patches - hurrah! This is another one I've repurchased.

Brightening Day Cream with SPF 15

I have to say this was one product I did not particularly get along with. It was just too rich for my skin during the day - my make up slid right off when applied on top of this. For those of you with dry skin though, this would probably work a treat. The added SPF is good news as well and the times I did use it, I found it didn't clog the skin like some thicker moisturisers can. A good product but just not for me.

Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist

This one comes in a spray bottle and was I think the cheapest product I've bought, priced at just £3. Having it in a spray is nice and its quite refreshing to apply. I don't think it made a huge difference to my skin though but I liked spraying my face with it before brushing my teeth to give a chance to sink in. For £3 its worth a punt but like I said, I'm just not sure it did an awful lot.

Overall I'm really impressed with the NSpa products I've tried and a number of them have become staples in my skincare regime. They have quite a few other products available in their skincare line so next time Asda have an offer on them I would like to try out some of the other bits.

Have you tried a budget brand lately and been surprised by the results?


  1. Hiya! :) I was in asda today shopping with my mum and came across there products and I'm a bit of a skincare junkie myself so I picked up the youthful eyecream took it out the box looked at it but I put it back (although knowing I needed a new eyecream but wasn't sure about it as its a brand I've never tried before. But after reading your review I think I will go back in and purchase it. Thanks a lot for writing it! :) x

    1. Ah thank you so much - glad it was useful to you x


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