Sunday, 8 June 2014

Style Sunday - A Belt Makes It All Better

I've had this dress for a while but as you can see on me, it looks a little, well let's be honest here...frumpy!

It's from Very's Holly Willoughby collection about 2 years ago and it's sat in my wardrobe ever since. It looked so good on Holly in the website photos that I just couldn't bear to sling it in the charity bins. I've worn it once or twice but always felt very self conscious in it.
Anyway this week I was inspired by some of my favourite bloggers (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Curvy Wordy) and decided to try adding a belt!

Aaaaand now we're ready to roll! What a difference!

Before we go on I need to apologise for the photos - you'll find on my Twitter (@meetmeonmysofa) I still sometimes do crap mirror selfies (note - not all mirror selfies are crap, just mine! As I'm the least photogenic person in the world - FACT - I don't 'do' selfies so need to hone my technique!). So this time I was brave and asked my husband to take the photos but I'm not yet brave enough to include my face! I also clearly need to find a better place to take the photos and improve my editing. But hey, I'm new to this, so can we agree to give me a little time to get the hang of things?

Anyway, in the fortnight it took me between starting this post and being brave enough to ask him to take the photos, I tried out a belt with another dress and was, again, amazed at the difference....

Apologies for the big blooming obvious bra in this shot - my husband didn't tell me the flash had made it appear through the dress and I was already changed again so I'm sorry you're just going to be flashed this time!

This one was from Yours and came with a skinny red belt. Its nice but because I have relatively small waist (in comparison to my massive child bearing hips!), even on the smallest hole, it just hangs off me. I'm thinking though of looking for a waist belt like the ones in the photos above but in red as I do like the red with the navy.

What do you think? Do you have any 'wonder' accessories?


  1. Love the first dress!

    followed you on bloglovin! ❤
    p.s I will be hosting a giveaway once I've got 100 followers on bloglovin (links on my page) :-D

  2. Thank you! I'll check your link out now x


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