Monday, 7 July 2014

Recipe Review Monday - Hairy Bikers Chilli and Ginger Salmon

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweeting pics of this recipe earlier today. Its a favourite in our household and is regularly put into my weekly meal plans to get some fish in our diet (so neglected as a food group in our house - anyone else have the same issue? I just tend to forget about fish!).

Its taken from the Hairy Biker's first Diet recipe book, though I've made a couple of minor tweaks for our personal taste but it is delicious. And very healthy.

I must admit I've got both of the 'Hairy Dieter's' books and love them both - I've got quite a repertoire of healthy dishes from them plus lots of tips to make my other recipes healthier. And I haven't got round to trying everything I like the look of yet so they were definitely money well spent.
II often serve this up with just rice and broccoli but because of my health kick I'm on at the moment (see Fitness Thursday later this week for more details on that!), I decided to try to squeeze as much veg in as possible. So I cooked some lovely wholegrain rice and in the last few minutes of cooking I threw in one portion of frozen spinach for each portion of rice. Then I cut open a couple of peppers and stuffed them with the rice. Stuck them in the oven for 25 minutes at 170c and they were perfect!

I added some broccoli after I took this pic but as I had a hungry family waiting I didn't want to stand around too long taking photos - I'd have a riot on my hands! So please excuse the state of the plates.

I would really urge anyone to give this recipe a try - even if you don't like salmon, just try it. I'm almost certain you will love it. And its a nice, healthy dish that doesn't leave you feeling like you're missing out (if you know what I mean!)


Oven 220c
2 balls of stem ginger in syrup (and 2 tbsp of the syrup)
3 garlic cloves
3 tbsp dark soy sauce
Finely grated zest of 1 orange
Juice of 1 orange (about 125ml)
½ long red chilli, thinly sliced (the original recipe uses 1 chilli but as I'm cooking for kids, I tone down the spice
4 salmon fillets
Slice the ginger balls into matchsticks. Place in a bowl with the syrup. Slice the garlic thinly and add. Then stir in the soy sauce, orange zest and juice, and red chilli.
Put the salmon in the bowl and stir. Leave to marinade for 30 minutes.
Place the salmon on a lined baking tray (scrape off any bits of stuff). Bake for 12-15 minutes.
Meanwhile, pour the marinade into a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Cook for 6-10 minutes or until reduced and the garlic is softened.
Serve the salmon with sauce on top.

(Copyright belongs entirely to the Hairy Bikers - buy the book here.)

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