Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beauty Tuesday - Therapist Training

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might already have seen me mention (and I have a feeling I've mentioned it here somewhere within a post before as well!) that I'm currently doing some training in different beauty therapies.

As I said a while back in this post - my son has Duchenne and as he gets older I will need to be around more for hospital appointments and probably one day to actually care for him. I currently work as a Legal Executive as a small family law firm. Unfortunately that's not going to work very well alongside frequent hospital appointments or providing home care for my son. Generally I'll need to be home at lot during the day Monday to Friday and that is really the time when I would need to be the office.

So I made the decision a while ago to look into other career options. I settled on beauty therapy because I enjoy that sort of thing anyway, its not too expensive to do the training, and it would work well around my son - I can fit my clients in around hospital visits or do mainly evening and weekends when my husband is home.

Unfortunately I've received a fair bit of stick from family and friends for my choice - most seem to have the opinion that I'm "too intelligent" for this - personally I find that a bit insulting to all the beauty therapists out there, but it does seem to be the sterotype in people's heads that beauty therapists are young bimbos (they're not, FYI). To be honest its left me pretty upset as its not  been an easy decision to make and a bit of support would have been nice, especially considering I'm doing this for the benefit of my family. We simply can't afford for me not to work either.

Anyway, all their negativity aside, I'm excited and I'm enjoying it. I got my NVQ in Indian Head Massage back in July, I'm currently doing an NVQ in Make Up (hoping to do bridal make up particularly), and tonight I'm off to do a certificate in Gel Polish application. When my Make Up course ends, a fortnight later I start a course in Facials. So I'm pretty busy!

In the long run I'd like to do a proper 'full' make up artist course - working on photography make up, special effects and all sorts. I'm not sure, given my circumstances, where I'd go from there with it but I'd love to give it a go. I'm struggling though to find courses that are not full-time. I need an evening or weekend course really as I can't set aside 5 - 12 weeks Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. So I'm hoping the collective knowledge of my readers will help me out - I'm based in the South East and would appreciate if anyone has any recommendations?!

Have you retrained or changed career? If so, why and are you glad you took the leap?

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