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Family Friday - Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream*

I may have mentioned here before that I have pretty dry skin and my poor kids seem to have inherited this unfortunate trait, particularly my son. He suffers with very dry skin with patches of eczema. In the winter his skin, despite my best efforts, gets particularly bad and no matter what I do he always gets chapped cheeks once the cold weather sets in.

I've tried nearly every moisturiser going to keep his skin in check and had little success. The prescription lotions from the Doctor (Diprobase and the like) are disgusting textured, thick, heavy creams that he hates. He used to stand and cry while I tried to rub it in. In the end it simply wasn't worth the battle any more. Someone did once give me a sample of Kiehl's Creme de Corps, which did a beautiful job of keeping his skin soft and supple but it cost me a small fortune as I have to use it on him head to toe after every shower, bath or swimming session and on his face at least once a day. I simply can't afford to pay that out all the time. I moved on to other moisturisers becoming more and more disappointed by them until I eventually settled on the Vaseline Intensive Rescue for Very Dry Skin for his body and The Body Shop Aloe Vera Cream for his face.

These do the job, just about, but his skin never feels soft like it did with the Kiehls stuff so I'm always on the lookout for something new that would do a better job and could help prevent the horrible red and cracked chapped cheeks in the coming winter.

So the email I received from Barefoot SOS was well timed with winter setting in (I'm sorry but we have to face up to it, summer's on its way out of here!). They wrote offering to send me a sample of their Face & Body Rescue Cream to review and asking me to let my readers know about their story time campaign. Here's what they said:

As part of National Eczema Week Barefoot SOS is launching Save our Skin Stories #sosstories; a new campaign to bring mums with children suffering from eczema together. 

Mums across the nation are being asked to share their stories of how Barefoot SOS has helped save their child’s eczema or skin condition.  The best stories each month will receive a full size, multi-award-winning Face & Body Rescue Cream, so mums can continue to protect their family’s skin.

The idea of Save Our Skin Stories #sosstories is to help build an online community for mums to share their experiences and advice and not to feel alone in their concerns for their child’s eczema.  Around 90% of eczema cases occur before the age of five and 1 in 5 children in the UK now suffer from the condition. Winners will have their stories posted on Facebook and Twitter to encourage conversations amongst parents across the country.

Loved by mums across the nation, Barefoot SOS Dry + Sensitive Face & Body Rescue Cream is a lifeline for sufferers of extremely dry, sensitive, irritated or uncomfortable skin and those prone to eczema and psoriasis.  Suitable for all ages, including babies, the clinically proven cream contains a nurturing , complex of active botanical ingredients including Stellaria (Chickweed), Purslane Bioferment and Burdock Extract.

Stories should be shared on Facebook or Twitter at or or sent to "

I'll admit I'd never heard of Barefoot before, which is surprising given the amount of moisturisers I've gone through in the last 9 years on my son's dry skin! But they come with a good reputation having been voted Best Eczema Range for three years running at the Natural Health Awards. So I was feeling positive about trying this product.
I had a little read of the box before I tried this cream out and I think it sounds fantastic - free from parabens, paraffin, SLS and artificial colours. The products are also suitable for vegans and cruelty free. I should say though that the Rescue cream does contain nut oils so those with allergies might be best to avoid. As the note from Barefoot SOS themselves suggests though, this range has been formulated specifically with sufferers of eczema and psoriasis in mind so most sensitive skins should find this range excellent and totally non-inflammatory.

I love the packaging, its simple but the green gives off a nice natural vibe which is in-keeping with the brand's message I think.

The Face & Body Rescue Cream retails at around £18 from 100ml bottle and is availabe online from a number of well known sites, including Tesco and Feel Unique.

Now on to a trial of the product - this is quite a thick cream but nothing like the horrible Diprobase-type emollients I mentioned above. It feels very nourishing on the skin but absorbs well. There's a little feeling of residue left on the skin but with very dry or eczema prone skin I think that's a necessity! It smells nice - quite strongly herby and natural but not over powering or synthetic.

I rubbed some on my son's face when it looked dry and it sank in well, leaving the skin lovely and soft. He often finds creams sting his face but this one caused no problems at all. I rubbed a little on his very dry areas on his body too but as its quite expensive I think I will be saving it mainly for use on his chapped cheeks in winter or any patches of eczema that the Vaseline lotion can't handle.

Overall I think if this product manages to keep his chapped cheeks in check I will definitely be repurchasing as its a lovely product. I think I'll also be checking out what's available in the rest of their range (Mum's skin needs a bit of TLC too!).

Do you have any tips for very dry or eczema prone skin?

*This product was sent to me as a sample for review but all views expressed are entirely my own.

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