Friday, 17 October 2014

Family Friday - Kids Clothing, Advice Needed

This post is going to be short but wordy (a distint lack of pictures I'm afraid). I just need some advice from my fellow Mums - maybe you're having the same problem as me, maybe I'm stuck in a rut but  I am really struggling to find decent kids winter clothes this year!

My son (9) is still fitting into much of his clothes from last year (being on steroids has its upside I guess, he grows very slow so is cheap to clothe as they last him aaaaages!) but I'd like to find him a few new bits and Dennis (2 and a half) has had an enormous growth spurt and she now needs size 3-4 (I kid you not, this girl is huge!).

I've hunted all my usual places - Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, (kids outgrow their clothes too fast to spend a fortune), H&M, and even Next and I'm struggling to find much I like. I've picked up the odd pair of leggings for Dennis and I did get her a gorgeous grey coat in M&S here but otherwise I cannot find much at all. And what I can find seems to be all casual stuff.

Please help me - am I missing something or is all the kids clothing this year actually rank?!! (PS I don't usually bother with Primark as I find their kids stuff always washes poorly so I'd rather pay a little more in a supermarket or high street and find it stays nice for longer). Someone point me to a good kids clothing shop pleeeeeassse before I lose the will to live - kids and shopping are not a good mix, please put me out of my misery!


  1. I think it depends in personal taste, as I've found/finding lots for my 18 month old, plus have been starting to put together his 2-3 year wardrobe and he has a fair amount for that too. Next is a firm favourite, I can ALWAYS find something to buy from there. I've come to love M&S as well, they've had some lovely pieces in recently. I tend to only use Asda/Morrisons/Sainsburys/Matalan for stuff I don't mind getting dirty, for play dates and messy play classes as the children's centre!
    I don't tend to like much stuff from supermarkets, as find it's very baby-ish and winnie the pooh/character like, rather than little person like.
    Good luck! :)


    1. Thanks Caroline, apart from the coat I haven't looked in M&S this year so might have to check out their range xx


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