Saturday, 18 October 2014

Favourites #1 - TV Series, Our Girl

This is a first for me - I've not reviewed any TV here but I've come across a programme the last few weeks that I've become completely engrossed by so I just had to write about it! Sadly it ends tomorrow night but I believe you can still catch up on all the episodes on BBC iPlayer. The programme I'm talking about is, of course, the fabulous Our Girl.

I know a lot of people saw the original one hour one-off last year, which I'll admit I missed and although I saw the adverts I never really thought much about it but whilst channel hopping during the first episode I came across it and within a few minutes I was hooked.

The show is all about Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner) who enlists as an Army Medic. This series has seen her sent out on her first tour of duty to Afghanistan.

This is an absolutely fantastic series- so well written and acted. The soundtrack is stunning too. I think it does a great job of showing the difficulties that I'm sure many women face in what is a very male-dominated world. Molly is cheeky, brave and quickly proves herself to her Captain and fellow soldiers. It is definitely worth a watch if you haven't already.

Now before I go on, I have to just mention the utter perfection and eye candy that is Ben Aldridge who plays Captain James in this series.

Having spoken to all the women I know who are watching this series, I don't think there is one of us who has not professed to be head over heels in love with this man - he is simply bloody gorgeous. I believe one friend even said he makes her "ovaries ache". Look at him - he would produce the most beautiful curly-haired babies, wouldn't he?!
Now I'm going to add a jump in here so if you've watched the series so far, click and read on, if you're not up to date or haven't watched it yet I suggest you stop here unless you're after spoilers!

So, those of you who chose to read on - are you Team James or Team Smurf? And what do you think of the whole love triangle situation? I know some people have been peeved by it because they feel its taken over from the whole premise of Molly showing what she can do as a solider but personally I've really enjoyed it - mainly because, as we've discussed before, I'm a sucker for a bit of a love story.

I'm 100%, in case you hadn't guessed, Team James. Smurf is sweet but he's a bit of a wally and Molly has been quite clear that she's not interested in him. Captain James on the other hand, well I think Molly has exercised some serious restraint - I'd have had that army uniform off him in no time (getting carried away here...!). Seriously though, the man is knicker-wettingly sexy (too much info there maybe!) - I had a discussion with a friend and we agreed he's got a knockout combo of good looks, sensitivity but still being manly enough to make you feel safe by his side. No wonder most of the UK has fallen for his charms.

So what will happen in tomorrow's finale? I'm desperate to know - especially with the cliffhanger they left us with last week. Will Captain James and Smurf both live to see the closing credits? I think I might have a mini-breakdown if Captain James doesn't. Expect to see my Twitter feed go crazy tomorrow night.

Oh and one more thing...
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  1. I absolutely love this programme and am devastated that tonight is the last episode!! I am 100% Team James!! He's a gorgeous human being!

    1. Cannot wait for the final one tonight! xx


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