About Me

Welcome to my blog! Now let me introduce myself...

I'm Toni, a 20-something year old, married, mother of two children. My youngest is a 2 year old (as I write this) little girl, let's call her Dennis (and yes, we call her that at home). My eldest is an 8 year old boy (let's call him Boy like his sister does).

I love fashion, although I wouldn't exactly call myself stylish, so I'll be posting about brands and items I come across, maybe the odd outfit post or just some shoe or handbag love!

I love beauty products and gadgets, though I'm no expert. I have a larger collection of beauty products than is probably necessary so you'll find reviews and ratings of new and old products to the market.

I'm trying very hard to get my bum in gear and get fit, which includes taking up running so from time to time I'll post about that too.

Hindering my fitness attempts though is my love of baking! Now I've no doubt that Paul Hollywood could probably pick giant holes in my baked goods and I'm sure he'd tell me my pies have soggy bottoms but I love making all things baked and my family seem quite happy to demolish whatever I make. I'll be posting recipes and photos of yummy things.

When I set up this blog, I thought as the content is likely to be varied, I would stick to a pattern so if there's something you're not interested in, you can easily avoid those posts... (please note, though my intentions are good I do have two children, a job and other things so I may not always manage to post every day of every week!)

Recipe Review Monday
- Here I'll write about the new recipes I've tried in the last week (or revisit old ones I haven't mentioned here before). If I like how something turned out, I will post the recipe, if it wasn't up to scratch I won't bother (but feel free to email me if you want to try it yourself).

Beauty Review Tuesday
- This will be a review of either a new beauty product (including make up, hair products, skincare, body care & so on) or I'll be letting you know about a current product I love or even a product I've been using and disliking to balance things up a bit!

Crafting Wednesdays
- I love a bit of crafting, especially making my own cards. I may not post every week on this because I don't always find the time but I will post as often as I can with bits I've made or things I've come across that look like they'd be worth a try!

Fitness Thursday
- I'm on a bit of a weight loss journey, I've lost almost a stone so far and have another 3 to lose. I'm following a very well known programme to track my food as well as instigating a new exercise regime. Thursday will be the day I update you on my progress, post about what exercise I've been doing or finding most beneficial and any bits about gym wear and so on. 

Family Friday
- This will be the day for silly kid based anecdotes, moans and grumbles or just updates of places we've visited that week etc.

Random Saturday
- Saturday is the day for everything that doesn't fit anywhere else - book reviews, random chatter, and so on.

Style Sunday
- I don't consider myself 'stylish' or 'fashionable' by any means but I own a lot of clothes (and even more shoes) and I love reading fashion blogs and seeing other people's outfits so I'm being brave once a week and posting mine - please be kind!

Maybe no one will ever read what I write here in my little corner of the t'internet but if you do, I'd love for you to leave me a comment, alternatively you can email me at toni.onmysofa@gmail.com (I'm PR friendly) or follow me on Twitter: @meetmeonmysofa

Happy Reading!

P.S. If I do receive products for review, I will note this at the bottom of the post, though my opinions will always be entirely my own. If there's no mention then you can assume I bought it with my own pennies!